Download WinRar 5.30.2 (x86/x64) Full Cr@ck giải nén file cực nhanh

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    Download winrar 5.30.2 (x86/x64) Full Cr@ck mới nhất giải nén file cực nhanh và không bị lỗi file đồng thời nó cũng giúp ném file lại với tốc độ rất tốt.

    Changes: Version 5.30
    1. SFX module sets sfxstime environment variable, which contains
    the module start time in "YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS-ms" format.
    You can specify it in Path command if you need to generate a time
    based unique installation path, such as "Path=myapp-%sfxstime%".

    2. Fewer password requests in following cases in "Convert archives"

    a) if "Convert archives" is applied to archive with encrypted
    file names, which contents is currently displayed in WinRAR;

    b) if archive produced by "Convert archives" includes encrypted
    file names.

    3. Bugs fixed:

    a) RAR volumes renamed from standard .part1.rar, .part2.rar to
    .001, .002 are recognized and processed correctly now.
    Previous beta opened them as set of usual split files,
    not as RAR volumes;

    b) reports produced with "Generate report" command contained invalid
    CRC32 checksums for non-archived files;

    c) "rar x arcname.rar d:" command unpacks files to d: current folder.
    Previous version unpacked them to d: root folder;

    d) archive comment was not encrypted if added to archive with
    encrypted headers using "c" command without -hp switch.
    This beta encrypts an archive comment in such case.

    Download WinRar 5.30.2 (x86/x64) Full Cr@ck mới nhất giải nén file cực nhanh


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